History of Thai Massage… and Janthra Spa

History of Thai Massage… and Janthra Spa

Janthra Spa is the fruit of a passion, that of Janthra for the massage. Born in a small rural village in the North East of Thailand, his father gave him this name which means "full moon that shines", in memory of the clarity of the sky that night. From an early childhood, Janthra began to massage by relieving her grandmother from the pain of working in the rice fields. Having not been able to study, she who would have liked to become a doctor, Janthra is passionate about the Thai Massage that she learns at the Wat Pho school in Bangkok. Then, as a young girl, she left Thailand to go to Cambodia, then to Kenya for the Red Cross, then to Switzerland. It is finally in France that she will settle in 1998, with now a reason to live: open a spa to give well-being and happiness to her clients.

Thai Massage, or Thai Yoga Massage, is a traditional art of touch whose origins date back to Indian Ayurvedic medicine. It moves the client from one yoga posture to another, incorporating massage, acupressure, work on the energy channels (sen), and gentle passive stretching. It is also common to hear in Thailand that the Nuad Bo Rarn is yoga for the lazy. The founding father of Thai Massage, Jivaka Kumarbhaccha, was a renowned yogi and physician who treated, among others, the Buddha. Thai massage developed over two thousand five hundred years near Buddhist temples. He gave birth to a technique that allows people on the spiritual path to share the benefits of meditation and compassion through massage. The Traditional Thai Massage now penetrates the modern and western world, which discovers all the benefits it brings on body and mind.

Come discover this traditional lifestyle at Janthra Spa. No doubt you will understand its benefits and you will be amazed by the energy of our massages.

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