Nestled in the very heart of the artsy left bank of Paris, Janthra Spa warmly welcomes you in its plush and refined décor steeped in Buddhist spirituality. Bringing in all their ancestral knowledge and modern technical skills about relaxation, Janthra Spa has made it a point to offer you high-quality care services in a spick and span facility. Enjoy your Paris Thai massage.


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  • History of Thai Massage… and Janthra Spa
    Come discover this traditional art of living at Janthra Spa. No doubt you will understand its benefits and marvel at the energy of our massages.
  • Offer happiness… offer a massage!
    At Janthra Spa, we believe that happiness can be offered. That's why we offer you gift certificates to give to those you love, your relatives, your friends, your colleagues, your clients...

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