The after massage

Photo après massage

Photo après massage

You have just enjoyed a good massage and you want to know what to do to enjoy the benefits of it when leaving Janthra Spa?

Here are some tips given by Janthra:

Step 1 : Hydrate yourself!
Even if you doubt it, your body has just made significant efforts and spent energy, which is why we always offer you at Janthra Spa a hot tea and a cup of fresh fruit to rejuvenate your body.

Step 2 : Stretch your body! The pressure exerted by your masseuse on the acupuncture points and energy lines can lead to the appearance of small muscle aches, so it is important to stretch, but do not force, go easy, always remember to listen to your body.

Step 3 : Rest! After so much effort and a little snack, you need rest! Your body has worked, the skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, blood circulation, now let your body regain strength by offering you a small nap or a moment of relaxation, favor calm and warmth.

In addition to being a moment of relaxation, massage is a work on the body and mind, which is why post-massage is just as important as a good stretch for a competitive athlete. Listen to your body and it will thank you!

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