Offer happiness… offer a massage!

Bon cadeau massage

Bon cadeau massage

At Janthra Spa, we believe that Happiness can be offered. For this, we offer gift vouchers to give to those you love, your relatives, friends, colleagues, clients... You can offer a massage, a duo treatment, a ritual with jacuzzi... For 30 minutes or for 3 hours... And why not a subscription of 5 to 10 sessions of happiness? We will then send you back a gift voucher, either in the form of an electronic voucher to be printed, or in the form of a printed card that will be sent to you by mail at the address of your choice. At Janthra Spa, our gift certificates are valid for one year and can be exchanged for any other treatment of the same value on the day of your visit to Janthra Spa.

The Massage gift voucher is a new way to please. It is both Easy since it is done in a few clicks remotely without moving. It is elegant in the form of a gift certificate printed in an envelope. And it is Original in the sense that it is different from the traditional gifts that we receive at every dinner, party or birthday. But the best part is that the Massage gift voucher brings an extraordinary well-being, in a wonderful place in the heart of a fabulous district of Paris ;)

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